Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Jail for Victim's Mother

The one person I am sure should go to jail in the Michael Jackson case is the kid’s mother. I don’t know and frankly don’t care about all of the details of the case. However, knowing the Michael Jackson has been accused several times (and NOT found innocent) of child molestation and not completely removing yourself of this situation is not only an indication of poor parenting. I consider it gross neglect.

This is not a case were he was just a guy befriending them. Michael is a major public figure who people generally know about. Given this, the Mother bears much responsibility for putting her young son in this position. I’m not saying Michael Jackson shouldn’t also go to jail (if he is guilty), but we KNOW the mother put her son in this position, unnecessarily.

Where is the parent’s sense of responsibility? Where is the care or concern? Mother’s have literally lifted thousands of pounds of cars off of their kids who were in trouble. Did this Mother even make a move to get her son out of this suspected terrible person’s way? Did she not fear what was going to happen? Did she not understand? I dare ask, did she not care? Something is wrong here and we all ought to look in her direction.

On another note – I think we, as the public, can use a standard to understand cases like this. I call it, the SNIFF test. You can look at the facts in the case against Michael Jackson and know, something ain’t right. You don’t necessarily know what the problem is or who is to blame. However, you can smell it and know something is really wrong with Michael. I’m not even getting into strange things he has done to himself. If you look at public statements and public actions, this is clearly a weird dude. One who either 1) Doesn’t fear anything (does he know what they do to people like him in Jail?), 2) Is literally too stupid to understand what he is doing, or 3) Thinks he is smarter than everyone else.

I only hope that the jury makes a decision quickly. I also hope that Michael gets help and promises never to be in a room with anyone younger than 18, alone, ever.


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