Thursday, March 03, 2005

What Bugs Me About Republicans

Okay, so again, this is about feeling and perception.

What bugs me about Republicans is that everything is moral. Right? All of their decisions come down to something moral. Which is okay, but irritating.
I have no problem with someone leading their life and making decisions based on their morals or their holy books. The problem is the attitude associated with it.
Why? Lets look at an example. A woman gets attacked and raped and becomes pregnant as a result. Some people might want to ALLOW (not force, allow) the woman to have an abortion. The Republicans say NO. Why? Dig down far enough and it comes to morality and religion. However, they do not allow any arguments, religious or otherwise, to counter their answer. If you debated the holy book (or their interpretation thereof) they could always dig someone up to disagree. If you argued that you have no right to make demands on me, then they react. How?

It all goes back to life an death and you lose. No other argument can stand, because we are talking about life and death. They are not willing to discuss the details or even accept that someone else might agree but draw the line at 30 weeks or 40 weeks. They are not only right, they are right to the extent of nullifying any other conceivable answer.

Also, because they so often turn relgious/holy/whatever, anything else they do makes them seem like they are being bought off by business. If you are constantly turning to religion for your answers on everything and something isn't addressed adequately by your religion (i.e. farm subsidies or tax policy), you now have no answer. Of course, you are conservative and want to reduce taxes, but you don't have a relgious answer. So now you not only seem holier than thou, but you also sound like a greedy bastard. No way around that one.

Plus, Rush Limbaugh is a jerk (or a Big Fat Idiot) according to some. The far right of the party scare me.

I guess I appreciate the support of the Christian Right, but they are scary too. They just want the Jews to be in Israel so they can also go to hell when Jesus returns. Frankly I'm not getting to excited about that kind of support.


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