Thursday, February 03, 2005

Who Are Spammer's Friends?

Okay, so this has been bugging me.  Who is friend’s with a spammer?  I don’t mean your annoying friend who sends out way to make jokes.  I mean a professional spammer.  From the amount of spam we get, they must be everywhere.  But I don’t know a single one.  I do think if I ever met someone whose full time job it was to flood my email boxes with junk, I would hurt them.  They deserve it, right?  They waste BILLIONS of hours of time a year.  [If there are 300 million American’s, 200 million must have email and each must spend at least 10 minutes a week dealing with spam in some way.  This is almost 2 billion hours or 200,000 years.  AND THIS IS JUST AMERICANS!] 

Who goes to dinner with these people?  When they take their kids to preschool, don’t people sneer?  How often must their house get egged?  Everyone seems to hate these people.  Yet, I have never heard of a single time when someone has been mal-treated because they are a spammer.  Why not?  Why don’t we rise up and fight against these people.  I’m serious now.  If we as a society make no place for these people they would have to form their own commune or move or STOP HARASSING US.

Of course, the better answer is NEVER buy ANYTHING you get spam for.  This includes all the porn and other junk, but also includes other products you can buy in the store.  If you get spammed to buy bottled water brand A, never buy A, only brand B.  BOYCOTT these products and people will have to stop spamming.  If EVERYONE does this – it is guaranteed to work.  Economics – If they stop making money, they will have to stop spamming.  By the way, the same is true for Telemarketers.





At 12:37 PM, Blogger fsgsf said...

Do people really buy the products these spammers hawk anyway????

NJ from NJ

At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is their right mind would admit to being a spammer? You are the only person they have to fear.


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