Friday, January 14, 2005

Water Rises to its Optimal Level

A radio personality near me recently admitted to being addicted to prescription pain medication. The question someone asked was this, "If it feels normal to you, what's the harm in continuing to take the meds." The answer is obvious health problems. But then it brought up an interesting topic. If you adjust to being high a lot of the time, then being high is YOUR NORM. At some point, you adjust mostly and this is what your new life is like. I'm not advocating this, nor am I recommending anyone drive in this condition, but the topic is still fascinating.

Then I thought - what about something more mundane, like sleep. Having a baby, my wife and I have adjusted to sleeping less - this now feels normal. I once read that prisoners sometimes sleep 10, 12, even 16 hours a day out of boredom. To them, this is the norm. Water is rising to its optimal level for them even though, we may only sleep half this much (or less sometimes!).

My question to you is, what else do we adjust to? People in New York wouldn't wait for you and hold the door. If you don't do that in Texas, you are just plain rude. In either place, its seems normal. What other examples can you think of?


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