Monday, January 31, 2005

Keeping in touch with former friends

This weekend I ran into the family of a friend of mine.  I say former friend, because we were somewhat close 15 or so years ago.  However, we just lost touch.  No hard feelings, no drama, just lost touch.  This weekend, I was excited to hear about her and see that she is doing well.  But then when it came to asking for her email address (or phone number, etc.) I was suddenly ambivalent.  With limited time and so many “current” friends I have trouble keeping in touch with, I wasn’t so excited to make an effort.  Not that I had anything against her, I was just apathetic about contacting her.  I figured that if I got her contact info, I would make contact, otherwise I wouldn’t really make an effort.  I had made up my mind – that was my plan.


A few hours later I kept thinking about this, not really comfortable with my decision.  Hmmmm…


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