Thursday, January 13, 2005


Do you ever wonder what you would do if you had to start again? Would you marry the same person, live the same life, make the same choices? I've been wondering if we had the chance to start over and "choose" how religious/observant we would be, what choice we would make. I'm honestly not sure. On a related note, if something happened to my AC (G-d forbid), would I marry a girl who was more religious or less or about the same? The same for her. Would she want someone who studied more or less? What rituals would she care to incorporate into her new life, what would she add, what would she do without. I don't know why I've been wondering this, but I have. I'm very happy with life and the way things are going - I guess I am just curious by nature.

The other day I saw a commercial on TV. I don't remember what it was for, but the husband and wife get home from work. Then they rush around doing their things, making dinner, etc. and then sit down, like drones, in front of the TV eating and then go to bed. I sometimes wonder if that is us. Its not the TV that bothers me (although sometimes it does), its the whole idea that on that particular night a commercial pretty accurately captured our day and I think that kind of sucks.

I think these two ideas above are related, but I'm not sure how.


At 10:26 AM, Blogger EngineerDan said...

(Deep breath)

Our brain is a self-developing organic processor. It accepts input throughh our senses, and cross-references that input with stored interpretations of previous data (memories). Because the neural pathways in our brain at one fixed point in time is a constant (though it is constantly changing through time), any action at any point in time is hypothetically able to be predicted. Fixed. If we had to start life over at the same time with the same knowledge, we would always make exactly the same decisions.


Why can I make this assertion without any support whatsoever?

Um, I can't. Just a guess. Worthless really.

You have an interesting blog. Keep it up.


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